Ski Town Dive bars

Ski Town Dive Bars
By Patrol Shack 


The ski industry has changed but there are still ski bums among us. For those of us who don’t call it Apres but enjoy a few cheap beers after skiing, here is a list of the best ski town dive bars. 

They all serve beer and some even have nachos and all of them are worth a visit after slamming laps all day. 

“Pub Down Under”  (Arapahoe Cafe and Pub)
Enter from the side and head downstairs to the pub. Go in the front door the next morning for a plate of hangover breakfast served upstairs. 

“The Lizard Lounge”
Telluride ski patrol has a speakeasy. Good luck finding it or getting in. 

“The Vic” (The Victoria Hotel and Tavern)
Home to Monarch Ski Patrol’s famous (infamous?) patrol party each February the Vic is as divie as it gets. Say hi to the locals if they let you and ask for an Avy Dog Ale to support colorado search and rescue programs.  

“The Viper Lounge” (Snake River Saloon)
Get your ski bum routine started each season at the Viper Lounge. It’s surrounded by three resorts that compete to be the first ski area open in the fall. 

Bob’s Place
Since vail doesn’t really have local, head down to Avon for the only dive bar vibes around. Bob’s place is the pub you wish you could find in Vail. 

Zane’s Tavern 
Where the beer flows like wine, in plastic pitchers. Zane’s is a low key place at the base of Aspen Mountain in a decidedly high key spot. If meat is your thing get the burger. 

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